Failing Her

Copyright, Robbo

All by myself inside my hole
Where noone sees and noone knows
The things I do alone in bed
And trapped inside this broken head

You lie to take the edge away
But I can hear what you don’t say
I cannot stand to hear this sh*t
I’m wanting to get out of this

I tie my arm down to the chair
And at the shining blade, I stare
I press the razor to my skin
And feel the blood rise up within

I watch it trickle down my arm
Embrace the pain from my self-harm
I miss all that I’ll never be
Respect you never had for me

If you come knowing at my door
I will not hear it anymore
You’re telling me it’s just no good
But secretly you think I should

(Cloud’s teardrops on the window-pane
But I can’t cry to ease this pain
The failure drools out in bad-blood
Veins opened to a crimson flood)


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