Copyright, Randall

i can hear his silent call from accross the room
he screams my name
like a persons last cry for help as they die
he feeds off of everything within me
my hate
my love
my depressions
my happiness
my ups
my downs
my smiles
my frowns
my weakness
my strength
my fears
my confusions
all of wich flow in me
in the veins that run so deeply within me
he needs me as much as i need him
2 live
2 die
he controls my life
i shouldnt have let it come this far
but this is wat ive become
a slave to him
he controls how i feel inside
with him i feel complete
without him i feel alone and empty
he has been there to witness
every emotion
every feeling
every friend
every enemy
every fight
every drop of liquid that he has 2 feed off of tells a story
he is always hungry
like a wild animal he must eat raw flesh
he has been there for me no matter what
always eating away at me inside and out
like a guilty concious
eating away at me for years
i must obey his call
every one should b heard
every one has a story to tell
no one should go unherd
he tells me a new story everytime
of how he will take away my pain
by enduring a little more pain
i will feel better
how just a little more wont effect how i feel
because i am in so much pain now
no matter what story he tells me
it always comes true
maybe thats y i always go back to him
or maybe its because hes the only place i have to turn
he helps me know that i am alive
he shows me that life realy dose flow within these veins
he shows me how easily someone can be used
by another for their own gain
he has taught me many valuable lessons
that i will use in the years to come
i feel love and hatered for him at the same time
because he helps me so much
but i know that he is wrong and that i shouldnt trust him
he is an addiction that i hope 2 overcome
it will not be easy
but i have to fight my hardest
to do whats right for once


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