My Story

Copyright, Rider

I never meant to hurt you,
I never thought you’d cry
I told you exactly what I felt
Still you said I lie

The scars I showed meant nothing
Like you refused to see
As if wearing my pain on my body
Was hurting you more than me

So back to my trusty friend now
Whose existence you deny
But I have the lines upon my arms
From times I’d wished I die

Yet still you sit there like a fool
Too blind to know what’s true
So, I too like you will play the fool
And continue my lies to you

You’re right, the dog went psycho
And repeatedly scratched my arm
It wasn’t a handy household item
That I used to cause self-harm

And that blister was from cooking
Not the boiling hot candle wax
How silly I must be
To turn ‘lies’ into ‘facts’

But who are you to tell me
About what is true and not
I know you’ve lied time after time
And I’ve been hurt a lot

My feelings must not matter
At least not a bit to you
But the times you’ve actually showed concern
Have been too far and way too few

So what am I to do now
Alone in a world so cold
No one to care or turn to
Just my teddy bear to hold

My arms are filled with evil myths
Like stories of battles past
One swift move and all will leave
Freedom is mine at last

Goodbye to the world that shut me out
Farewell to all my ‘friends’
A couple pills, a few new blades
And my story finally ends.


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