Blades and Blood

Copyright Ragdoll

I am seduced,
By the snake of red on my skin.
I cannot resist,
To make another slice of relief.

I have bled so many nights,
And I have cried not often enough.
Blades, they bid me,
To embrace them and use them.

I am so ready,
To say goodbye and leave the world.
But this blade it bites,
But it never seems to poison me.

Surviving in a river,
A river of blood and tears.
The blade, my friend, the blood, my enemy,
I cannot stop killing myself.

Why? Answer me!
Why can t I stop this?
Why am I alone when I bleed?
And why do I laugh when I am slicing?

Blades and blood.
Blood and blades.
Enemy and friend,
My two best friends.


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