The End

Copyright Rob

How did it ever get like this?
Everyday we just dismiss,
Events of the earth, they re always bad,
We only ever think how sad,
We never look around and see,
How much of it is misery,
People lying, crying, dying,
How can we keep on denying,
The fact that s always bound us all,
The fact the world is soon to fall.
We look around, and suddenly see,
The tragic fate, the gods decree.
The world is coming to an end,
It s just too grey to comprehend,
But all at once it comes together,
I cannot witness this forever,
So blade in hand I close my eyes,
I raise the blade towards to skies,
I hold my breath and smile once more,
I know this is the only cure,
Again, I tense and summon strength,
And swing the blade to my arm s length,
It strikes the vital point with force,
The liquid pours,
I am no more.


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