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I gaze into your eyes while you tell me you’re OK and nothing’s wrong. Right away I know the truth and feel mad and sad that I can’t help you. I know that nothing I do or say will heal your pain. I think a while and then conclude that if I can help you I’ll join you for that’s what friends do. I take the blade and slash away and with each slash I pray to take away your pain. For nothing makes me more happy than when I see you laugh and for that little moment I know that I have taken your pain away.


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Anger, shame, and regret is all that I feel as I see to my dismay the bloody blade that cuts away my pain. One, two, three breaths, and nothing changed I feel the same. One slash, two slash, three slash, and breath. Calmness starts to take over me as I gaze at the dripping red blood. One drop, two drop, three drops, breath. Four slash, five slash, six slash. The pain is gone but here comes the shame. One tear, two tears, three tears, breath. Leave the pain but take the shame and let me live in peace. For in the end it is my shame that brings the biggest pain.


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Every day I get more and more convinced that I need you in order to live. You’re the one that makes me feel alive and when you touch me I feel free. I never thought I would need you this much and yet every day I seem to need you more. All through the day I await the moment when I’ll feel your touch again. That cold and yet warm blade that cuts right through my pain and once the blood starts dripping gives me freedom and makes me live again.

I’ll be there

Copyright, Rebelteengrl

I’ll hold you when your down. I’ll be by your side as soon as you call. I’ll always have your back no matter what. You can trust me for I will keep all your secrets and hope you keep mine. You don’t have to give me anything back for you’ve given me all I’ve ever wanted, friendship. So all I ask is that you think twice before you cause yourself harm, for when you do you cause me twice as much as yours. If you feel sad or you feel mad, just call and I’ll be by your side. Don’t cause me pain, don’t be that way, just talk to me, and please be my friend.


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