Raven Dark


Copyright, Raven Dark

I awaken through torment and tears
Regret is building
I feel it moving
Through my skin

My heart is being devoured every time I try
I try to become numb to lose the pain
Scrapping the floor just to find your remains
Fingers bleeding, dirty and cold
Becoming more and more distant
As time slowly loses form

Drowning in this mental suicide
Escaping, filling every crack in the wall
Bleed the words I fear
In the fridged air I see
The last broken reminder
A memory, but I can’t bring it to life

So much I lost
I just never want to be found
Understand please why I must do this
Deep, jagged scars have formed on these two arms
I can’t get out of this trance
Afraid of what I’ve become
I’m losing sleep over this
I’m so tempted
To make this fragile heart stop
And it seems to be everyday

My flesh is crawling with all the regret
Lost hope and lonliness I seem to hide
I’m screaming again
But I hear nothing, these tears are only silent
Why can’t you hear me?
Tell me, I’m still here

My mind is dying
Covered with darkness from you
I don’t see a way around this
Slowly cutting through my soul
I’ve fallen through

What’s Left Of Me?

Copyright, Raven Dark

Suffocating in the blood that’s been shed
Alone, in the darkness of my own eyes
Again these arms are sore from trying to break this trance
Broken and cracked, but it still won’t let me go

Today when you looked in my eyes
You saw only your reflection, no life remained
I must confess inside I died
Even though I always cry, no one seemed to notice
This blood has soaked through, and now it’s all you see

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before
But the pain took over and blinded me

I’m injecting the poison into my veins
Slowly everything is falling
I’m crawling to get away
But the poison is set deep inside me

Why are you yelling?
Do you not care that I’m trying to apologize
Just stop making these tears fall
Because your breaking the little left of me
I’m sorry that’s all I can manage to say

I have no choice but to leave everything behind
Just run away from the past
The taunting memories that remain
I have to leave you before it takes me too far away
But just know I said I was sorry
And this time I really do mean it


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