Angry Voices

Copyright, Rhian

my hands are shaking
the voices come so angry
beating me down
betraying my thoughts,
my mind, all i have left
and even that no longer,
belongs to me
these scars that,
mark my body
my hidden shame
no one wants me now
my mind fills
with angry voices tonight
who will cry for this lonely girl
who will cry for me,
when i am gone,
because no one listened
i had a chance
the light is gone
why should i care now,
when no one eles does
my darkness surrounds me
my world collaspes,
with each angry voice
no more future
for this girl
oh god they’re coming
dont listen,
to the angry voices
close your eyes
they’ll go away
dont listen
scream ,here they come
get the razor
cut,cut, cut,cut
blood ,blood, blood
you’ve given them,
what they wanted
who will cry for me now,
that i am no more
now that the angry voices,
have beaten me down…

The Little Girl

Copyright, Rhian

deep in thought
lost in dreams
the little girl screams

alone in life
feeling dead
living in strife
sick in the head

afraid in the dark
holding the blade
for life shes marked
with the cuts shes made

the memories flood
she cries so sad
as she sees the blood
she cries so mad

she falls to her knees
prays to die
no one hears
the little girl cry

Falling Failing Numb

Copyright, Rhian

burning flames upon my skin
scortching flesh melting away
torn away from all that is
living in this deadly abyss
falling failing numb

fear of nothing, fear of everthing
alone in this pool of acid tears
tears of wasted time
alone in deadly silence
falling failing numb

heart so broken
head so full of pain
clarity of nothing left
signs of death
falling failing numb

taking away all that is me
fearing all that is not
glareing looks
scowling words of hate
falling failing numb

alone tonight
alone forever
falling failing numb

dig out the eyes of hate
tell no lies
feel no hate
this is nothing but the begining of the end
today im drowning
drowing in my pool
of acid tears
falling failing numb

see my blood
taste my fear
hear me scream
feel me die
falling failing numb


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