The One Who Never Seemed to Care

Copyright Rashka

This is for the one who never seemed to care,
Maybe it was just a mistake,
But I’m a girl who’s real, not fake,
And whether life is disappointing or fair,
If you haven’t noticed, the scars are still there.

I’m not sure how they sometimes appear,
Sometimes from anger, sometimes from tears,
Sometimes from the pain of all these years,
Sometimes from loneliness, sometimes from fear,
Sometimes the meaning isn’t all that clear.

Have you noticed them, have you noticed me at all?
But here is my blade, my own freak saviour,
Psychologists say that it’s compulsive behaviour,
Whatever it is, have you noticed my fall?
I’m hiding myself, while trying to stand tall.

This is for the one who called me slime,
Even if you haven’t noticed my descent,
It’s too late for me to repent,
But maybe over a really long time,
I might get the strength to climb.


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