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i’m all alone in my room
pills in my hand
music through my head
this is my escape
my fathers a bastard
my mothers a whore
my brother pure idiot
my sisters got downs
my family dont love me
my “friends” dont give a shit
my bloke, just lonely
thats why hes with me
Kurt Cobain had the right idea!
why havent i got the balls to swallow the fucking pills

LIFE — just a word
with no real meaning
you think “typical teenager”
but no one else can feel this bad
i’ve been caught tokin so many times
i’ve tried slitting my wrists(couldnt do that properly)
i drink every single day
so all of this would go away
my dad always yells at me for shit i aint done
my brother takes the piss for how i look and dress
i wish they would disappear or that i could swallow these pills

why do i cause so much pain and hurt
everything i touch gets screwed
everyone i love suffers one way or another
is it safer if i just stay up here locked in my room?
life really sucks
the pain is too much to bare
it’s hard to explain
you,ll never understand the way that i feel
1 minute im happy the next im suicidal
i can never make my mind up, which way to turn
i want to go to the beyond
but im too afraid to take these mother fucking pills.


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