Copyright, Reece

Written before I started SI’ing.

What do you do
When your world crashes around you?
When nothing goes right
And life is just one endless struggle to fight?

In that moment when everything seems lost
And the smallest things have the largest cost
The air seems heavy, the sky pressing down
It’s hard to breathe, you’re gonna drown

You just want to step off this mortal coil
The thought turns from a simmer to a boil
It would be so easy to let go
To end it all in that killing blow

You crave to feel a sense of release
To drift off into that state of peace
Where the world is so far away
The pain gone… if only for a day

The lattice of cuts wind up your arm
Inflicted by what they call self harm
They are the only way you can deal
With the pain that you feel

You cry yourself to sleep
You cannot climb the mountain so steep
If only there were some way out
“Help me, please!” you hear yourself shout

The pain, the anger burns a fire in your soul
Filling the void, closing the hole
That drives a wedge in your heart
And gives you the place to start

One thought makes you grow a little stronger:
That you can’t take this any longer
The solution has been there all along
Your muse is humming a simple song

There is someone to lean upon
To draw strength from when all hope is gone
That person is you
Now you see the world anew

Protect You

Copyright, Reece

Written before I started SI’ing. This was a reaction to the poems from another author on the poetry site.

I want to protect you from the pain you feel
To help you to learn how to deal
With all the hurt that’s burning inside
To give you the chance that you need to heal
The bleading heart you try to conceal

I want to protect you from this world of torment
To give you a message that’s heaven sent
Of love that in my heart reside
To you I give it all, not to rent
For it is upon me that you are leant

I want to protect you from the razor’s blade
To hold you close when you feel betrayed
And all the times you have cried
To pull down all the walls you have made
And tell you: you never have to be afraid

Am I a Freak Because of This

Copyright, Reece

Written after I started SI’ing.

So many thoughts running in my head,
This doesn’t mean I wish I am dead
It’s just that I don’t know how to cope
And no-one’s there to throw me a rope

So now I yield to these cuts I made
Trailing my arm, sliced with a blade
Do these marks mean I’m weak?
Or do they make me a freak?

There is so much that I do not know
Like where my life is going to go
As I look down into the abyss
Am I a freak because of this?

Silent Tears

Copyright, Reece

Written after I started SI’ing.

As I shed a single, silent tear
I say goodbye to the things held dear
A cherished word, whispered for only me to hear
A sense of hope, with nothing to fear

Now I feel open and far from calm
Perilously close to those who’d cause me harm
Yet still I bleed, soothed by a balm
Like the cris-cross cuts laced up my arm

I mourn my life that used to be
That is nothing more than a memory
And hope that one day I will see
These silent tears will set me free


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