Dead Inside

Copyright, Riandi

I was just getting better
starting to see the light in my
big, dark and empty heart
when it all happened…
the second part of my misrable life happened!
everyone is so worried, and is begging me to eat
while all i can actually do is cut myself and bleed
i am an empty thing
something scientists call a human being
there’s nothing left inside of me
my water tears wont flow
and my crimson tears wont go
they are forcing me to stay alive
while i’m trying not to look at the pretty knife
fighting the urge not to take my own life
im sick of it all
i want to die
and yet, so afraid to call
call for help
call for tears of water
cause that’s what my eyes are shouting
while my heart is aching and pounding
so i propose this
one day
sooner or later
i’ll take my misrable life
end it all
and watch the others survive their “happy” lifes

Being the Perfect Girl

Copyright, Riandi

She tries to pretend
she tries to hide
being the perfect girl
really hurts inside

she hates the way she is
she hates the way she cries
being the perfect girl
eats her up with all the lies

she gives up way too soon
she gives in way too quick
being the perfect girl
really makes her sick
she loves to feel the pain
she loves the crimson she uses to cry
being the perfect girl
is the reason she wants to die

Do You Know

Copyright, Riandi

She sits up straight
her smiles are fake
she thinks:for heavens sake
Why smile when there’s so much at stake
do you know what it feels like for this girl in this world?

Her crystal tears are dry
she usese crimson tears to cry
her life is one big lie
there’s nothing left but a sigh
do you know what it feels like for this girl in this world?

She only knows how to cun
and when she’s tired of everything, she starts to run
maby if she was as innocent as a nun
she wouldn’t end up being no one
do you know what it feels like for this girl in this world?

She wishes she could just disappear into the air
these emotions got out of hand, it’s to much to bare
there is people like her out there
but if others didn’t judge them, they wouldn’t make themselves so rare
do you know whwt it feels like in this world for a girl?


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