Perfect Life

Copyright, Ray-Ray

Numbness is the feeling that I loved,
it ended all the pain that was shoved,
Now there can no longer be the easy way,
there is nothing, I can do or say.

I’ve always pretended, that I was so strong,
even when everything in my life had gone wrong,
Because my perfect drug was always there,
and I always believed that drugs really cared.

Nothing now to end the pain,
my dreamland life is now in vein,
endless nights of gripping my knife,
always remembering my once perfect life.

To me cutting releases like drugs, I wrote this after deciding cutting was the lesser of two evils, and gave up drugs.

Nobody Knows

Copyright, Ray-Ray

This pain, this hurt,
Locked away in my head,
Nobody knows,
How inside I am dead.

Blood on my wrist,
there is glass in my hand,
Nobody knows,
They would not understand.

They don’t listen,
so they can’t see me cry,
Nobody knows,
I just wish I could die

Shaking fingers,
grasp this plea for release,
Nobody knows,
how the pain will not cease.

Sadness bleeding,
emptying to the floor,
Nobody knows,
I always crave more.

Bleeding slowly,
untill my wound will close,
Dying slowly,
and nobody knows.


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