Copyright, Ryann

Gone bad
I’m not happy
It may look
Like I am
But I’m not
My heart aches
For the feeling
Of a true smile
Not the fake one
I’ve had lately
But a real smile
That makes
My whole
Soul joyful

I’m Not Okay

Copyright, Ryann

Can you see
Beneath the mask?

Can you see the pain
That lies beneath everything

Can you understand
What I’m feeling?

Can you relate
To the situation that I’m in?

No, not quite
Not at all, no chance,
You never could
You never will
Stop trying
To tell me that
Everything will
Be okay
Because everything’s
Not okay

Broken Forever

Copyright, Ryann

I’ll try to get this
Pain out in words

But I’m not sure
If I can
Or if the words
Will burn eyes
If they read them

I’m not sure
If I can stay
Put together
Much longer

I might breakdown
Into a million tears
Soak into the ground
And make nature die

If I break
Into a billion
Puzzle pieces
No one can put me back together
I will stay broken forever


Copyright, Ryann

Don’t try to
Know me

Don’t try to
Be my friend

Don’t try to
Talk to me

Don’t try to
Figure me out

I’m not a word puzzle
I’m not a riddle

Don’t try to
Understand me

Don’t try to
Solve me

I’m not a math problem
I’m not an equation

I’m a solution


Copyright, Ryann

Do you know what it’s like?
To try and cry
Only to find that there are
No more tears
Left inside

And do you know
How it feels
To put on a smiling
Face everyday
But when in reality
It’s all just a mask?

No, you never could
You never can
You’ll never
Understand what’s happening
So don’t tell me that
You know exactly how I feel

I’m not dumb
I’m not psychotic
I’m not doing this to die

I’m doing this to survive


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