My Unknown

Copyright, Rosanna

blinded by the saddness, the sorrow, and the shame
holding all the guilty lies that float along the blame
feelings hidden when they should be shown
rage hidden behind the unknown
heavy thoughts drift along the cold, foggy breeze
too many fucking fakes, im so sick to please
drowning in this unrealistic reality
slowly dying by my bloody fatality
choking on the stench of lonelyness
looking ahead to see only hopelessness
just enough blood with one little knife
and thats all i need to take my life


Copyright, Rosanna

take a deep breath
dont let it go
forget about the past and everythink you know
close your eyes
shut em’ tight
drift away and say goodnight
shut out the voices
burn the lies
lock up the painful long gone goodbyes
fill the emptiness
enlighten the sorrow
brace yourself for another tomorrow
rest for the day
until it hs past
and hope for that one to be the last
rest your body
relieve your mind
forget the ones who left you behind
lose yourself
let it go numb
prepare yourself for the pain that will come
love is a fire
feel the ember
enjoy the dreams you wont remember


Copyright, Rosanna

look at me closely
tell me what you think you see…
what do you think will become of me?
stare into my tearful eyes
can you feel the pain of these long gone goodbyes?
do you believe my endless lies I confess?
I know you will leave me here
to stagger and stumble on what seems so unclear
you will drop my soul in the fervent fire
leave my heart to tangle in the cold barbed wire
just so you can meet your one and only desire
because you dont see my need for help
you dont take time to listen closely
to hear my ceaseless crimson cries
I know that when I die
you wont cry
you will only sigh
and I will have one more long gone goodbye


Copyright, Rosanna

salty tears flow down my cheeks
everyone stares
no one speaks
bloody tears streak my wrist
showing everyone
how much I’m pist
invisible tears rip through my heart
drown my mind
bloody tears make art
I pull my hair
bang my head
and hope to God I’ll end up dead
these silent screams
that no one hears
these red streams
filled with tears
nobody cares
no ones there
no one will give me
happiness to share

My Flawless Victory

Copyright, Rosanna

look at myself, lost inside
remembering the tears that I have cried
witnessing my blood drip down
if you listen close you can hear the sound
once again, I have lost this war
and much more skin for me to explore
this bloody wound filling my sight
seeing all sadness and no delight
thinking to myself
“Make more!
Make more!
Cut it so deep it hits the core!”
trying to avoid this horrible temptation
but I cant get enough of this evil sensation
searching through my mind
to see what to do
trying to find a reason not to
then I see your face
and you tell me no
I found my reason
now dont let me go

Nobody There

Copyright, Rosanna

you werent there to fight my fears
you werent there to dry my tears
you werent there to keep me sane
so i sat
and no one came
no one for me
no one to see
through my eyes
says the holy book of lies
i wish you were there
but you just dont care
nothing of me
im nothing to be
i hear yoyr voice
i have no choice
than to turn around
and fall back down
no one to catch me as i fall
nobody there
no one at all

Wait Inside

Copyright, Rosanna

you know about me
yet you dont even care
you dont say a word
as though im not there

i would like to talk to you
but i choose to talk to less
i dont open my mouth
so that i dont confess

i want to talk to you
you dont seem to want to talk to me
so i just wont bother
and find something else to do

i find you attractive
though it does not show
i dont tell antone
so you wont know

but deep down inside
i choose to hold my breath
as time goes bye
i wait inside for death

I Will Stay

Copyright, Rosanna

as the hurt turns to hate
nothing i do you turn to appreciate
so fuck everyone
and the hell with this life
its not like theres anyone there
no one there for me
as i sit alone
i get cold inside
and feel like stone
so insecure
with no one there
sitting in the darkness
in such despair
i wish i could close my eyes
and never have to open them
if only the end was now
so i wouldnt have to suffer
but i will wait
and make more pain
i wont be late
at heavens gate

With No One There

Copyright, Rosanna

my soul is aching
i am so sad
my heart is breaking
this makes me mad
i feel alne
with no one there
no one to comfort
no one to care
all wet from tears
with no one there
to fight my fears
i got a knife
when i couldnt cry
as you can see
i want to die
just a little bit of bloodshed
as i lay alone
on my bed

So Be It

Copyright, Rosanna

her soul was bound
someone took it, and threw it on the ground
locked up inside
every night she cried
with chains on her wrists
she couldnt take it much longer
with the pain just growing stronger
and no one there to catch her fall
to the heavans she would call
for the lord to save her
but she was about to brake
with her life at stake
with no one there
no one to care
‘so be it’, she said
and laid down on the bed
crying her eyes out
giving a final shout
she got a knife
and took her life

The Cure

Copyright, Rosanna

this pain i hold inside
you cant see it because i hide
so much pressure that swallows me
theres no cure
as i sit it dwells up inside me
i wish someone could see
i lay, broken and ashamed
holding all the blame
i take a knife
i check it twice
two minutes later
i take a slice
the pain is gone
but not for long
there is no cure
my life is a blur

No More Tears, Just Blood

Copyright, Rosanna

why do i have these thoughts
and hear these voices
my mind is racing
i cant see
i think im falling
my wounds cry for the grave
my soul cries for deliverance
help me God
im scared
and so hurt
these words i hear over and again
as i pray i sin
crying these tears of blood
out of my skin
with me eyes closed
no more tears, just blood
killing myself for one person
mostly just for me
i cant stand being alone
buti choose to be
just me and my bloody concience
waiting for death


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