I Cut

Copyright, RiOtGuRl7189

I cut to release pain deep inside
I like the pain better then when I cried
I like watching the blood run down my wrist
Watching it hit the floor as I open and close my fist.
I know in my heart the cut will kill me one day
Those who care for me I beg or you please pray


Copyright, RiOtGuRl7189

hateful lies forgotten truth and every thing in between
why the fuck does life suck so bad why is everyone so mean
spiteful words hatefilled comments, crying under the smile
going down the road of life mile after mile


Copyright, RiOtGuRl7189

Lots of things raging deep inside
No one to talk to in who I can confide
Its really hard to get threw the day
Life is not a fun game to play
But if I make it without breaking down
The next day I will just end up with a frown


Copyright, RiOtGuRl7189

whats waiting on the other side?
why wait to find out why not find out now
the tase of blood
the sting of the razor
the joy of it all
the joy of pain
what r u gonna do about it?
you know why?
cuz your a fucking coward
you care for everything but nothing cares for you
life is everything
everything sucks
life sucks because life is everything
why wait
let find out now
you and me
forever in pain
and tha joy thats in that pain
time to finally feel free


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