Nothing can be Sharper than what’s Going Through my Head

Copyright, Daisy

Numb the pain and kill the throb
cutting myself again to even out the sting
Nothing will come out of this.
And I wont be satisfied.
I could slash up myself alive and still find myself holding my head with my bruised hands.
Fucking hell I miss this girl
And nothing will even out the sting
Fuck all my attempts, fuck this soul-carrying.
Give me a razor so that I can prove I’m whole
and that i’m solid and strong.
Theres no right, theres nothing wrong
I’ve done no right, I’ve done no wrong.

Blinding Pain

Copyright, Daisy

Burning pains in my arms,
Stops the burning tears,
Slicing the skin calms my doubts,
And helps erase my fears.
The anger is so strong at times,
And the pain becomes to much,
i long to feel the calmness,
of the knifes foriving, tender, touch.
As i watch my blood pour,
My sanity sours,
And i long to feel the pain once more.
For those who may not do this,
I probably sound insane,
But this is the only way i know how,
To ease the blinding pain.


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