See Me

Copyright, Drey

I’m no ordinary but it doesn’t mean I can’t try.
The difference from you is alot, I cry.
This is me though.
I only try to glow.
So I will be seen
Gleam. Goodness of me.
Lock the bad away and loose the key.
Because I only want to be seen
as me.

Feeling the Failing

Copyright, Drey

They say, ‘Dance with your heart…’
But i can’t when it is apart.
Can’t have what I want,
Can’t be what i choose
Feels like there’s no winning and all I can do is lose.
Is sinning the reason for all this?
It’s wrong, but it, I still miss.

How Deep Can You See Into My Eyes?

Copyright, Drey

How deep can you see into my eyes
Do you see my fragile heart
or are you ditracted by your other highs?
Do you see a girl’s secret that lingers in her mind
or are your thoughts occupied by her smile?
Do you see my sun and what i love
or did you not take the time to find and look?
Do you see what she holds back and onlys knows
or did you not see and even look at all?
How deep can you see into my eyes,
or are you scared and look away?
How deep can you see into my eyes?

Sometimes at night I can’t seem to fall asleep.
Lingering thoughts creep and I weep.


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