Desiree Sleeseman

Tears of Depression

Copyright, Desiree Sleeseman

These tears do fall
from my eyes,
the cuts so small
because of lies

I hold it in
the thoughts of death,
the blade so thin
I take a breath

I press it near
to my skin,
I start to fear
from deep within

I drag it down
across my wrist,
I start to frown
because I’m pissed

The blood does drip
and so I cry,
the knife I grip
I want to die

The floor is red
because of blood
the tears do shed
I start a flood

Now I lie
on this floor,
I wonder why
I made this sore

The blood has stopped
I’m looking down,
I see myself
on the ground

I died right here
I will be missed,
all because
I cut my wrist

Where I’ll Stay…

Copyright, Desiree Sleeseman

			Today is dark          I walk back up
			the clouds come out,   the body I see,
			I want to die          I peak right in
			and start to shout.    and I see me!
			I stand outside        I'm looking down
			and watch them walk,   upon my wrists,
			Can they see me        I see the scars
			why can't I talk?      cuz I was pissed.
			I'm going crazy        This is why
			and then I cry,        I see you all,
			I jump around          My life was low
			and hear a sigh.       and I did fall.
			I see them cry         Why did I die
			they all walk in,      did I cut too deep,
			In a church            Is this my new bed,
			where I did sin.       where I will sleep?
			You're all in black    I see the grave
			here comes a crowd,    with my name,
			The priest does talk   Life was hard
			no longer proud.       and I did shame.
			The church is full     Please don't cry
			flowers there,         tho I'm no more,
			I walk right in        Think of times
			and see a glare.       long before.
			I see a bed            Before I got sad
			a person too,          when I was happy,
			I see my friends       Think of laughter,
			all sad and blue.      and you'll see me!
			Why do they cry        I'm not here
			I'm standing here,     but I'm with you,
			My feelings change     Our friendship
			I start to fear!       will still be true!
			Then a flash           I love you
			to yesterday,          forever and ever,
			The knife I grip       In your heart
			and then I pray!       we'll be together!
			I drug it down         Today is dark
			there came the blood,  as I do lay,
			I'm all red            Six feet under
			I start a flood.       is where I'll stay!

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