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My name is Dan. I came across this site while looking for self-help websites not too long ago. I decided to share a poem I wrote while I was in a very bad situation, but realised if I did what I wanted, everyone else would be hurt. That was never the way I wanted to be remembered. I’m no poet, but it never matters, it’s just the meaning that people should try to grasp.

Red streaks flowed from my wrist
Gave my life a bizarre twist
My whole life was a lie
So i felt it was my time to die

My thoughts rage around
Master Grim’s roaring sound
As he looked down at me
And laughed in horrid glee

Now I spend my time in Hell
Pain unending, listening to Mephisto’s spell
As infernal agony descends again
I wonder if ther was another way.

Blending In

Copyright Dan

Normal people blend in
Freeks have to be creative
The places we find to blend in
Are the places where we stand out
We find places where we can change our identity
The theater or a haunted house
We adopt a new personality
No one asks about the cuts or scars
They think it is just makeup
We hide in plain view
Funy how we blend in by standing out


Copyright Dan

And of all the games we play this one is the most bitter, it’s the coldest in the ice and the sharpest edge of the mirror. It’s the pill we take to stop, taking all the others, the least noticed pain because only the surface shows. We form a tribe together full of those forgiven, for the blood from wounds and tears from the heart, is this too high a price to pay on the altar of self forgiveness?

Time Bomb

Copyright Dan

Before you I was a time bomb ticking away
I was ready to self destruct and leave all my pain behind
I was a time bomb ticking away
Looking out of the car window I wished we would crash and I could destruct
Hoping my clock would reach its end and I could explode

But then I met u…

I no longer want to detonate I feel complete
You are a vital link in my life like the last piece of wire in a circuit with out you my bulb would go out

I now see why I was put here to be with you
To protect you and always be your bomb squad just like you are mine
Stopping to destructing and blowing my heart to pieces

Every time I think of you I thank god and the heavens for delivering you to me
With out you id have blown up long ago
To put it bluntly this is a thank you and a promise that I will never hurt you in any way shape or form and be with you forever more


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