I Beg

Copyright, Devon

Desperately needing
For the skin to burn

Please cut me deep
So my world can turn

Upside down
Like night and day

Because maybe then
I’ll be okay

To go on
Live a normal life
One without pain and strife

Please cut me
Cut me deep

So I can finally be happy


Copyright, Devon

What’s wrong with me?
No emotion to show.
Where have I gone?
Only I know.
Oblivious to an unconcerned world.
Never care what goes on.
My mind in too deep,
Don’t know right from wrong.
Maybe I do know,
I simply just don’t care.
My blood is thick,
I don’t become aware.
Aware of what?
I’m not quite sure.
All I know,
Is that the blade is always my cure.
The cure to a personal hell.
A lonely life with no emotion,
There’s not much more to tell.
Just a nightly ritual,
Where I slip into a painless bliss.
No more heartfelt pain,
When the blood runs down my wrist.
The physical hurt matters not,
For with the twist of a blade,
Inner ache becomes okay.
With the spilling of personal blood,
Inner hurt becomes undone.


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