Copyright, Davey

Bloody cuts pouring
Bandaids not even enough
These cuts go so deep
These cuts go into my soul
These cuts aren’t for anyone
Aren’t for myself
They’re for all of you
How I weep when I see the mess
We all create
It would take so much to staunch my blood flow
I bleed for everyone
I bleed for those who can’t speak for themselves
For those in pain and suffering
Yes, I feel it too
I feel your pain
Your angst
I would save you
I would help you stop the demons that float through your head
The things that keep you awake at night
Trembling and knowing morning is an eternity away
I would bleed for anyone who asked
And I’d especially bleed my life away
If YOU asked

The Pain of a Loved One

Copyright, Davey

i saw you once holding on so tightly
never letting go, and crying nightly
in my arms you’d lay
hoping that someday
the pain would sieze
tears down your cheek freeze

And as we lay here in the darkness
and we feel the remoteness.
and we are not not two
we are but one
as light through my window pane
shines across your face again

so listen when i say
‘the pain will go away’
cheer up it ain’t all doom and gloom
as one day we’ll be bride and groom
bring a smile to your face
my fallen star from grace


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