Cutting Myself

Copyright Danielle

I live in this town
I am all a lone
I’m always depressed
Don’t talk to anyone.

I always get looked at
Always get called names
The day is almost over
I am still at school

I look at everyone
And see them being happy

I get home and
I get treated
Bad. I don’t get
Any freedom

So I go to my room
I find the razor that
I hid. I sit on my
I start to cut.
I watch the blood
Drip on a piece of paper

I get done I clean
Up my mess I put the
Razor back. And then
I go to sleep.

Because it’s Easier to Hide

Copyright Danielle

The scars, they are easier to hide
From this worlds piercing eyes.
Can never seem to let go of this pride,
To tell another, just so hard to confied.

Yes, it’s so much harder to explain,
Why it is I bring myself pain.
All my efforts seem to be in vein,
When trying to convey,
It would be more fun to be slain.

My heart grows heavey when the nights grow long.
Not but to do, I would write you a song.
It would bejust for you, come morning by dawn.
It would explain why of you, I’m not quite so fond.

You sit there and laugh as my world falls apart.
Make everythngi sweet tast of everything tart.
Bitter at me but you hide it so well,
At least from the world, but I see you truly casue hell.

I’m living in it.

I Just Want to Feel

Copyright Danielle

I wanna bleed
It’s just what I need
Makes the hurt go away
And still live another day
It’s all it takes
To numb the ache
Relief with out frustrate
To take this knife
But not my life
“Control the pain…”
That’s all in vein
In the end
The pain always controls you

The Cuts

Copyright Danielle

When everything around you
Seems to come crashing down
Not even one single friend
Is anywhere to be found
When everyone is fucking fake
And all their bullshit becomes profound

Where is there to turn except that single drop of blood that falls

Your eyes the pierce inside of me
But nothing’s left to see
No single tear or happy face
Just all I used to be

The light has gone to far away
And once apon my nightmare
You’ll find me dying there

One drop of blood
One salty tear
Is all it takes to leave this place

All I do is cry and die
I look around through blurry eyes
I see people who believe
Their faith they cannot see
I wonder why it can’t be me

Bleeding Blood No One Can See

Copyright Danielle

The blood they bleed,
Is not like me.
Scars so white,
I cannot see.
Blinded by such
Sit to wonder
Why I don’t even know me.

My life comes bottled,
At the store, on a shelf.
Purchase with caution,
Opening releases hell.

Do you think you know me?!
Want to take a guess?
You think it’s SO easy,
But death would be blessed.

Can’t break through any further,
There’s no farther down.
Can’t sink any deeper,
I just hit the ground.
Can’t sceem any louder,
All sounds, from my mouth they fly.
Can’t cry any harder,
It just might make me die.


Copyright Danielle

Quick hide she’s going to see you,
she’ll see you then she’ll shout at me.
Please stop crying your tears will mark my top,
she’ll see the tears then she’ll know.
She’ll know we’re together again,
She doesnt like it when we’re together, she thinks your bad
I dont, you help me understand things.
You really must hide now,
She’s almost at the door.
Don’t cry please don’t cry

Good she’s gone, hehe she didnt even see you.
Here let me dry your tears.
I’ll have to keep you hidden until its time for you to go.

Ode to My Blade

Copyright Danielle

To the razor blade that helped me through the hard times,
I write this to you.
So shiny you are.
Your light reflections dance on the ceiling and walls
When cleaned I can see myself in you.
As a dog is loyal, so are you.
Always by side and never leaving, no matter where I go.
You never let me down, as humans inevitably will.
You are creative as the artist.
I am your canvas; my blood is your paint.
The red lines you create are pictures, which no one else will see.
I come to you like counselor.
You sit and listen as I pour out my problems.
All that you ask for in return as payment is a small amount of blood, which I readily give out.
As I insert your sharpness into my soft flesh, my life liquid pours out.
Down my arm then my hand, the red river flows.
The problems in my head swirl within my body until I allow you to take them from me.
To you, who helped me survive and never left me.
Thank you, razor blade.


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