Double Trouble


Copyright Double Trouble

As she sits there in total darkness she wonders what it would be like if she dead.
as she sits there she thinks what it would belike if she was never born.
As this little girl sits in her room in total darkness with a balde in her hands, she sys to herlsef tonight is the night that i will die.
This girl is already sitting in her own blood about to die thinkng to therlsef do i have any good memories?
Her last words that everybody heard from her is i will see you tomorrow.
When they get to school and wait for her she wont be there she will be dead.
This little girl will be in her own pool of blood in her bathroom.
She has know idea how many people that she has hurt.
As her friends start to take notice that she hasn’t been at school, they start to think…
They go to her house….her parents tell her that she had died
they ask if they want to see her dead body.
They say no
They ask if they want to go to her furnal
They say yes.
Her friends ask them how did she die.
They then tell her she dies because loss of blood.
Her friends start to think if all of the scars they saw on her is what caused it.
The little girls parents say she had a razor by her ans she was in the bathroom coverd in her own blood.
When all of her friends and family go to the furnal there is crying wishing and hoping that she was still alive.
they all wished that she didnt go that far with cutting.
As her friends sit in silence they knew that they could have stoped her.
They thought that it was all her fault.
But they cant stop her.
she put herself into those shoes.
But as the little girl sat in her bathroom she kenw that show would cause pain to everybody that was close to her.
she didnt care she just wanted to get out of her nightmare just like every other cutter the is around.
She thought that she should have never been born.
She thought that she was a mistake.
She just wanted to die so she couldnt do anything wrong anymore.
She hated her life she wanted to be out of her misery.
Now that she is everybody misses her and wants her back.
SO that little girl took the razor to her veins and died in her own pool of blood on her bathroom floor.


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