Copyright, Dakota

She hears your voice and it pulls her in,
keeping her from seeing things,
that cut within,
but its getting harder,
and shes fading, falling, crying,
seeing the pain and hopelessness,
she starts running
the distance to the end of her existence,
with the darkness around her,
she fades into the night,
crawling closer to the reaper,
it presents her with a present,
its sharp and metallic,
and offers a plea “cut with me and you’ll be free”,
it has so much to offer,
that its left her on her knees,
shes begging for strength to walk away,
and have some decency,
but too weak from others she faulters her battle,
giving in,
cutting in,
and bleeding out,
she looks out into the night,
glancing out in search for light,
she falls endlessly into lost battles


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