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She was everybody’s Darling
She never came too late to school
She always smiled and never lied
But deep inside she was a fool

No-one ever saw her cry
She always made a happy face
She always had a friendly word
And all her moves were full of grace

But late at night when they had gone
She couldn’t hold it anymore
So she stood up from her chair
And did what her soul was crying for

She took the blade and cut her arm
So deep that blood ran on the floor
She felt so weak , she couldn’t stand
But still her soul cried out for more

She cut her arms and hands and legs
Until she finally fell asleep
A pool of blood around her now
From wounds so innocent and deep

But when she woke up the next morning
She cleaned the floor and went away
To school and after meeting friends
Just like she did it every day


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