The Razors Edge

Copyright, Dennis

This was a poem that I had written to my girlfriend about a year ago. When her cutting started to really get to me. I always thought it was my fault. That if I could have made her more happy, things like this wouldn’t happen. But even to this day they do. I just know tho, that she means so much to me, and that to leave her would kill us both. Even tho she has cut, and eventually I had started, I know that I love her. And I won’t ever let her go. I won’t let her slip into the darkness alone.

Your hearts in darkness, all alone
Your deepest feelings never known
Always balancing on the razor’s edge
Grasping for that far away ledge
Just one slip and your all done
Nowhere else to hide or run

Your may never see the light inside
You feel your soul is gone, it’s died
The red marks upon your arm reveal pain
No tears here, just a bitter rain
Holding on to the illusion of reality
Holding on to the precious sanity

It may seem like your all alone
Even though there’s something you’ve always knownv There is a person who really does care
Even through judgement, who tries to be fair
There is no anger, only peace
That person only wants you to stop, please cease

So here you are on the razor’s edge
Still trying to reach that far away ledge
The bitter rain falling on the ground
Your falling tears make no sound
But the one who cares will always be there
I know. I promise. I swear.

For in the darkness there is a light
All you have to do is fight
Balancing on the razor’s edge
You will reach that far away ledge.

Inside of Me

Copyright, Dennis

Can you go from good to evil,
Evil to good, Hate to love,
Love to hate.

Can you see the light feel
the darkness within.
Dose it burn within.

Are you?
Full of sin,
Full of joy,
Full of evil,
Full of love,

I am and it scares the hell
out of me.

Write about GOD.
Write about Satan is king.

What the fuck is going on
inside of me.
I must be going crazy.
Put me on the insane list.
I’m at the top now.

How much darker can I go
let’s see how much light I can
How much pain? I can give,
How much love? I can have.

Right and wrong it’s just a
faint memory.

Word’s written Word’s said.

That’s my favorite line.

Can you do it cross the line.
I think I have cross the line.
No turning back now.

I’m just waiting for the men
in white coats to be knocking
at the door.
You better being a fucking army
to put me away.

Reality dreams, Dreams reality.

I’ve crossed the line between
sane and insane.
I still feel the same.

Still no one see my pain but one
and she is ~SHE~.

I’m just waiting for God to
release me.
Before I commit what’s
inside of me.


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