Devil’s Angel


Copyright, Devil’s Angel

cold hands fold bound into a bouquet of black wire, wrists, and fingers
run across my face
make is smeard 1000 ways
frame by frame each hair is in place

each light is dim
but shines like silk
lining the contours of your technicolor shape

red salt, red dirt
i came into your room
hands out and laughing
your gun into my mouth
come back im happy to see you whole again
black~eyed and perfect like a bullet wound

diffuse (concede)
my function (malfunction)


lies that lie and eyes that cry
try and try to understand
that maybe skies were meant to fall on me
just like people who will never be free
living lies and taking sides
daily dimmer minds and duller times
maybe life is just a fight to survive
only dreams can make me feel more alive
despising agonozing every word
its so absured to me
i guess its better to boserve another problem
but who said im right?
i dont wanna fight, i gotta fight it before
before i go get in line
think of a better one written rhymes
to keep a clear mind you can take it out on me
whoever thought of this,
the good times are the times ive missed
lies that lie i dont wanna miss
im still reading down my list…
Lies that Lie


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