Murder, I Wrote

Copyright, Dolly

My sharp teeth
Crawling into my fake veins

My fake coverage of all my pains
Of all my sorrow
Of the uglyness

The inner tears
Of my unforgiving soul

I’m wrong
Everything I do
I’m wrong

The blood
Dripping to the carpet
The flesh
Dripping in my mouth
The veins
Dripping into my lungs
The organs
Dripping into another soul

The finished business
The beautiful murder
Of my soul

That Voice

Copyright, Dolly

Do you remember it?
I do.
That voice.

Just like the barks of the flowers
Just like the peace of the wars
It appeared
It tormented me
It grabbed me by the arm
It dragged my blood away from me
It made me cry
It made me dry
That voice…
Stood before my soul
Gripping my every vein
And pulled me apart
Circling my thoughts
Turning me into it
That voice…
Never can end


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