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I’ve Nothing More to Give

Do you know can you tell me
Do you think you understand
Why I’m hurting why I’m crying
Why I’m dead by my own hand
There’s a sorrow and a sadness
In my heart and in my mind
My soul is weighted and uneasy
With the joy I’ve left behind
You can’t tell me how I’m feeling
Even I can’t comprehend
Why I’m joyless and uncaring
And I’m running to meet my end
I’m alone and I’m afraid
Full of anguish and of hate
But now I have to find out why
Before it’s much too late
Can you help me find my reason
Why I’ve been given time to live
To myself I seem so useless
And I’ve nothing more to give


In my life there is a fence
It is locked I’m lonely
In my mind its my home
In my heart I am sad
Other then me it is empty
Hollow souls fill this place
My grave beneath the tree

Please will You Forgive Me

I know I’ve hurt you
I know I’ve made you cry
Please will you forgive me
I know you feel confused
With questions such as: Why?
Please will you forgive me
I know you feel abandoned
I know you feel alone
Please will you forgive me
I know you feel lost
You can’t find your way home
Please will you forgive me
I understand the stinging
I understand the pain
Please will you forgive me
When you cry so hard
You can’t tell tears from rain
Please will you forgive me
I’ve also felt the loneliness
That’s how this all began
Please will you forgive me
I hope you can forget me
And feel happiness again

Still Waiting

Tears and pain will never end
A strength I find in you, a friend
Peace I find in welcome dark
Encircled in a lonely park
Laughter is forgoten still
Not knowing what it is I feel
Tears of hate I often cry
Still waiting for my time to die.

If I

As I was sitting
I got to realize
How selfish and unfealing
I had come to be
The friendships I was risking
Mean the world to me
If I had hurt
Or lost a friend
I may just want to cry
But what comes now
For what it’s worth
Won’t make me want to die
I’s thank the sun for rising
And opening up my eyes
And chasing away the blindness
That kept me from my life
With it’s bold unyielding lies
I’d thank the fog fr clearing
I’d thank the break of day
If I could learn the language
If I could find way


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