don’t pretend i mean something to you

Copyright, Dizzy

u say u will care for me
but u wont
u say u understand me
but u dont
u say u can help me
but u cant
u say ull tell sumone
but u shant
so why dont u leave me?
all alone
u wont listen 2 me
while i moan
about how crap everything is
when it isnt
and how much u helped me
when u didnt

Outside and Inside

Copyright, Dizzy

my life
is a mess
its like my head
im still moving
but inisde im dead
i always look happy
but inside i cry
i struggle 2 live
but inside i die
I’ll laugh out loud
and i giggle away
but im secretly willing
each day away
my phobias seem small
but ther big 2 me
every day i wonder
will u all leave me?
but i can b sad all i like
and nobody cares
but at home sumthings waiting
it will always b ther
its my blade
its my knife
its my life

The Girl Who Hates Me

Copyright, Dizzy

she thinks,
im weird
she thinks,
im stupid
she thinks,
im crazy
she thinks,
im ugly
she thinks,
im strange
she thinks,
im deranged
she thinks,
im geeky
she thinks,
im unpopular
she thinks,
i shuld leave
she thinks,
i shuldnt cry
or if i do,
i shuld just die
and leave this world
and rest in peace
i look up at this girl
straight in her face
and its just a mirror
that girl, its my face.


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