A Slew of Unwanted Cuts

Copyright, Destiny

i’m lying here with a slew of unwanted cuts
i’m tormenting myslef but it’s not enough
again & again i’m cutting away
everyones a blasphmey i just ask for one thing
will you save me or will you betray me
please oh please just come and save me
from this world that i call hell
but it’s not enough it’s never enough
because in my mind this world
is just one big fuck up!


Copyright, Destiny

my souls gone black
my heart has died
my mind is screaming
theres nothing inside
i cant feel anymore
as i pick up the blade
i need the control
i need to feel pain
it slices through skin
deeper than before
get out of my head
I cant do this anymore
no desire to live
i’ve given up hope
nothing can save me
theres no way to cope
i need to be gone
away from all this
i cant bear to stay
or continue to exist
the blade runs deeper
as crimson appears
coming from inside
releasing my fears
shes taking control
the voice in my head
she went away for so long
but shes back again
screaming at me
for everything i’ve done
she never approves
i wish i could run
she takes over my body
she has all control
i cant get around her
shes stealing my soul
i dont really want this
but somehow i do
i cant get away
this cant be true
i just want to die
to escape my mind
or is my mind hers?
the answer i cant find
trapped in my body
without any control
my actions arent mine
theyre hers, she stole
i try to ignore her
and go to sleep
but somehow shes there
into my dreams she creeps
just leave me alone
i dont want you anymore
i cant take it
i cant
i cant do this
she eats away at my mind
i cant make her go away
i dont know what im doing
but it happens everyday
i cant help it
she takes over
her emotions are mine
shes my owner
i need to escape
i cant be afraid
i hope this is the last time
that i need to use this blade


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