Copyright, Danika

My thoughts are flooded with red
My mind wants to rest but I cant stop thinking
Thinking of the imaginary blood pouring from my wrists
Let me be gone
Let me sleep.

I am sitting in a shell with no holes
No room to breath or move
My useless face was once beautiful
Your sweet voice cannot make me smile.

I can feel the emotional pain in the back of my throat
I want to say my words from my mind to your face
These feelings keep me from speaking
Tears want to flow forever.

I want to run
I want to hide
I am invisible to your eyes
That’s how I feel when you say nothing
As I stand
Stand near you.

So tell me why?
Why do I want to break my promise?
Take the blade and shatter my goal
My skin wants to be broken,
My veins want to cry.

Keep on walking
When I pass
We will both pretend not to see each other
It hurts
But I
I will continue.



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