The End

Copyright, Demented-Freak

You were so mean
Never done you any harm!
So why do you act like that
PLEASE STOP, cause I cry now!
I could kill myself
That would make it stop!
I’m going to do this,
I slit my wrist
one time for all!
everything is RED!
because of my blod!
Now I’m afraid
Afraid that I never see you again
cause I still bleeding
stil love you!
Dont know why?
Cause you were mean!
Oh, it’s getting dark now!
It’s the end!

Bloody Tears

Copyright, Demented-Freak

Just crying,
Bloody tears.
Just dieing,
filled whith fears.
What am I afraid of,
You still here,
Life is tough
cause tomorow you there

Dont know what to do
it’s going to be hard,
Think im going to loose
My Fucking mind, thats hard
A week whitout you
a week without love
Now I know what to do
just cry, all because of love

going to miss your soul
Going to miss your smile
Going to miss all about you
cause you all that keeps me alive
Just cutting my wrist
want to beat the payne
cant with my fists
think Im insane.

Death Will Come

Copyright, Demented-Freak

Slit my wrist
drink my blod
enjoy my pain,
Just like everyone else,
Fucking hate you,
you hate me,
Just keepon ruin my life
You always do
Don’t want you to stop
Think I like it
Death will come
Cause I’m you…


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