My Lover

Copyright, Dev

I remember the feeling,
I yearn for it,
My old lover,
The blood drippin,
Running down my skin like a river,
A river overflowing and dark.

The thought of the murky depths calls to me like an old friend,
“If you only come and take a slice,
I will help you with the rest.”
My mind tells me it is wrong,
Says that I can over come.
But OH the sweet ablivion calls!
The numbness, the “happiness”
The sweet lover which will wrap his silvery grasp around my skin,
And hold me tight,
Keeping me warm and oh so calm.

OH how I yearn for that lover,
My friend,
My confidant.


Copyright, Dev

Words Words, all you speak is words
I don’t care anymore,
I don’t give a damn if you die!
I don’t give a crap if I live
All I want is to do what I was meant to
Move on and nothing else
To me I am nothing,
But to you I am everything.
You speak with care,
But I don’t
I tell you how it is,
Cuz I don’t want anything else
I don’t have the care that you do
All I have is hate
At one time I will have to face
All the decisions that I make
You say

I have,
Every night that I sit up and remember the past
Every day I go through
I see the friends of my past
I don’t care what I did
I don’t care what I do
All I need is to move away from here
Away from the people that I have hurt
Move away from the people that have hurt me
This is my hell, living with you
Waking each day to face what I’ve done
You wonder why I hate it here
You don’t understand
You think its cuz I had a bad day

But it is really
That my life has been filled with grief
Of all the things I’ve done
You say I’m a good person
But I know the truth
Even if you do not
Everyone has a right to hate me
I don’t even wonder now.
For all the pain I’ve caused means nothing
Nothing but pain
And sadness for all that I’ve done

People of the World

Copyright, Dev

Do you see that girl sitting in her room?
Wiping the skin and blood from her tomb.
Smeering away years of pain
In one little slice upon her skin.
Sitting with her legs crossed
Her hands sliding back and forth,
Her eyes staring off
At the unknown she wishes she could reach.

Do you see that little boy with his fathers big round eyes?
Reaching for the metal that spoke to his daddy
With a bullet to the heart.
Touching it to his head and pulling at his fate.

Do you see that young women with her black hair hiding her face?
Leaning over the flame
Of her thousand demons.
Sliding the hot metal onto her cold white flesh.
Sighing with relief at the now quiet thoughts
That only come back with the creeping minutes of another day.

Do you see that man with the rope in his hands?
Waiting for the perfect pole
To hide him from his past.
Scaring away the thoughts
That maybe this won’t work.

Do you see the childless mother with the balcony under her feet?
Not waiting for another second
To fall to the darkness
Eating her up inside
Letting her live for only a time.

Do you see the young man with the pills in his mouth and the cup at his lips?
Living for the moment in a world of torment,
Knowing of the many failed attempts before this.
Not knowing more then what he lives for…
Nothing and no one.

Do you see the many children, teens and adults before you?
Who try and try,
But never get enough
Who only know pain and strife
And nothing nice.

Of course you don’t,
For you only see the pain you cause yourself,
Not the pain you cause your “friends”
They are below you,
That man with the rope,
The young women with the fire,
The childless mother,
And children of the torment.
No one will see them tomorrow,
For people like you who don’t see the people like us,
Only keep us in longing for the unknown
In that dark and loving thing called death.


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