Death by Suicide

My Name is Sarah

Copyright Death by Suicide

my name is sarah,
i am but three,
my eyes are swollen,
i cannot see,
i must be stupid,
i must be mad,
what else could have made my daddy so mad,
i try to be good,
i try to be nice,
so maybe i’ll only get one whipping tonight.
i have to be good
i can’t do a wrong,
otherwise i’m locked up all day long.
daddy goes out and closes the door,
finally i can rest easy and i sit on the floor,
mummy says everything will be alright,
just as long as they don’t fight tonight.
i just heard a noise,
i don’t make a sound.
i hear daddy gets out of the car,
he’s just coming back from charlies bar,
he shouts at me and hits me till i can take no more,
he grabs me and flings me against the really hard floor.
please god have mercy,oh please let it end.
his eyes twist into unimaginable hate,
i can tell by his breath he’s probably drank a full crate.
he throws me against the hard wall,
but there’s nothing there to break my fall,
my head was pounding and my bones all broken,
but still he continues with more bad words spoken.
my name is sarah,
i am but three,
tonight my daddy murdered me.


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