Copyright, Jacqueline

I hate you
You stupid bastard
You took my best friend
Now it’s me you’re trying to end
I mustn’t give in
I won’t let you win, again
Somebody stop the pain
I’m sick of this offing game
Knowing it’s her fault
Knowing it’s my fault
Self-righteous suicide my ass
This sickness will pass
In do time
My mind will find
I’ll be able to distinguish the lines
Between empty and full
The past is still there
I can see her holding the blade
Thinking no one will ever remember this day
But in reality it stays
Staining my once blue eyes with red
Of my friend wanting to be dead
And after all this
I still want to diminish
Letting you finish
Skip back two lines cross that out
I just wanted to wander through her shouts
The shadow of her laughter haunts me
Another pays a fee
As I am drowning in the suicide’s victims sea


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