Blood Red

Copyright Jenie

Up and down I drag the blade
Just wishing I had the guts
To put an end to my misery
Instead of just making cuts

I’m addicted to the flow of blood
As it runs from both my arms
I like the feeling when I see
The scars from my self-harm

It helps me to cope with all the things
That life throws my way
Like why my dad hates me so much
And why mum wants to run away

Sometimes I cut a bit too deep
And the blood starts to pour
And then I stare intensely
And pray to God for more

But then when the bleeding come to an end
And my arms are sore and red
I can t remember why I did it
Or what was running trough my head

Does this mean I’m crazy?v Do I even care?
I might cut deeper next time
Do you think I dare?


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