Beautiful Girl

Copyright, Julia

There is a beautiful girl
that no-one knows is hurt
she doesnt tell anyone
because she knows they wont care
evryone says she’s beautiful
but all they see is her crust
nobody takes the time,
to look under her skin
she doesnt really want them to
she knows they wont understand
she wears long sleves, and pants all the time
but no-one notices or cares
or at least they dont show it
they dont see the cuts or scars
that she has engraved on her body
nobody wonders,
nobody cares,
nobody knows,
about the beautiful girl

Virgin Wounds

Copyright, Julia

You made me think that you were real
You made me think my cuts would heal
Your promised I wasn’t that bitch
Like my virgin wounds you swore you’d stitch
You said to just let the blood drain
Tape it up and start again
And in my face you’ll lie once more
And wear me down… but you’re the whore
My skin will split… my mind will too
Its time to admit… theirs nothing you can do
My scars are beautiful
Not my face
Don’t lie to me
I accept my disgrace
What I can’t handle is your complimentary lies
The way you say you see me in your untruthful eyes
Yet I’m the artist you chose to starve
My skins my canvas in which I carve
You think its wrong… you think too much
But I’m not yours… who are you too judge?

Last night for 3 whole seconds the world began to fade
And in that time my pain was joy and my shadow blended to shade
My barbwire cave felt warm and safe
But I didn’t feel the blood trickling down my face
And after the seconds once again I felt the harm
And I was all too aware of the clotted blood on my arm
And your voice was worried and your voice sweet
Sweet as sugar… yet like meat
And the splitting skin looked so dam pretty
And stands for all I am
Weak and bleeding on the floor
I find my inner calm


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