Jenny C

Her Suicide

Copyright, Jenny C

as she lay and weep
in her bed till she weep
thoughts of him fill her head
a story of a girl who now is dead
she had once had the beauty of a dove
she ince was filled with lotz of love
but now shes gone because of a boy
who used and abused her like a toy
he sarcastically held her in his arms with care
that wonderful smile her beautiful hair
but now that beauty is no more
all thats left is bloody razors and bottles on the floor
those razors still sit in her room
as she lay in her silent tomb
with a note in her hand
for the boy she thought was grand
‘to the boy i once loved and cared for
i hope you see my here on the floor
i hope you cant sleep at night
you have dreams about my death and wake with fright
im peacfully sleeping now
asking myself how
you could do this to me’
and her beauty still cant see
why you did this and why you hurt her
why you commited this painful murder
but now its over with this sorrowful ending
his heart is coming back and slowly mending
as she watches from above
over the boy she once loved
shes regretting slitting her wrists
she wishes she could have one more kiss


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