Jessica R


Copyright, Cheryl
Submitted by Jessica R

Written by my friend Cheryl.

You sit in sorrow
Knowing nothing of life
Nothing of how the pain once felt
Your body left numb
From the tears
No emotion runs through your mind
Hold once again the object of pain
You thought you could get away
Away from the undying voice
You once more wish to be free
You carve to feel something
And yet your body still numb
Through your tears you see darkness
A room full of shadows
You’re locked away from the world
Never wanting love
Not knowing how to feel
And yet you carve to feel
To live throughout the pain
You’ll watch your skin scar
And yet these scars shall one-day fade
Cry the voices
Carve till life no longer lives in your veins
Until the pain goes away
But maybe
The light will shine through You’re dark room
Through a window you may open to life
But wait
The voices won’t die
Make them go away I don’t want to feel the pain you cry
And once again you carve
To feel nothing and the window has closed
And lost once more are you to the light
To life and emotion
Lost away to love
Someday you will see
No more shadows
No more scars
Most of all you’ll no longer carve


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