Jasmine K


Copyright, Jasmine K

A dark shadow lingers overhead
The screams are deafening to my ears
Alone in my mind. Always alone.
A voice of hope whispers to me
I hear it, Yet walk away
Back to my loneliness.., The familiar
The screams get louder, everythings spinning
I can’t take it anymore, Its all too much to bare
The screams never end, Only get louder with time
Edging me on to fulfill my destiny
The final step in this meaningless journey
To finally silence the screams that haunt
Pushing, Pushing, I can’t take it anymore
At the edge with nowhere to go but down…

The Prettiest Mess

Copyright, Jasmine K

A pool of blood collecting on the floor.
Dripping from my dead, dangling arm
They said “be strong”, and I was.
I was strong enough to take my life into my own hands…
They thought they were helping, but all they did was push me further,
Towards this final step
I’m sorry for all the pain i’ve put you all through, I never meant to hurt anyone
I just wanted to be normal;Happy, I wanted to love, to live
Now i’ve finally made my own decision, My actual life is the only thing i could control
I love you still, i’m sorry.
A pool of blood, Puddle of crimson
Pretty blood, dripping. Taking my life with it…
Dripping to paint a pretty picture of victory

Razor Blades and Suicide Notes

Copyright, Jasmine K

The rain starts to fall
with no regrets
And then comes the tears
Happiness is a high
but all highs come to an end
Hope on the way up
Sickness coming back down
to live my life as you want
with blackened eyes
Just telling myself
That everyone cries
Tears so bitter
yet warm and comforting
Down to the lips that long for you
But you won’t see
You can’t control me
But i’ll let you
If only you’ll stay with me
If only for one more day
if only till the end of time
Or the end of my life as it may be
Cold wind hits my back
A familiar feeling
falling to the ground i call for you
You’re never there
So what happens when you’re tired of me?
Throw me back on the street
Thats where i belong
Throw me to the ground again
Atleast i can feel your touch
Slap me in the face again
The sting knocks me to the floor
Where i belong
At your feet, begging for mercy
Throw me out again
hit me while i’m down
The feeling of razor blades calm me
Hit me, throw me, slap me
But just don’t leave me
Notebooks filled with suicide notes
Razor blades along the floor
Stains on the carpet
But i want more
Just throw me down
forget about me
let me be
Nothing will help me now
Not even you
Your words cut worse than blades
Wishing of the day
that i will have the courage
To take your words and throw them back at you
Take your pick
There’s lots to chose from
Suicide notes along the floor
Razor blade in hand
Why pick one?
They all say the same thing
‘I loved you, you’re all i wanted.
I needed you to be there, And i hate you…
I hate you… I love you’


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