Go On!

Copyright, Jaret

Light your embassy, We all know it’ll kill you in the end.

Go on!
Tatoo your body with tribal designs and football emblems. Mark the body that was born clean and pure.

Go on!
Pierce you ears, your nose, lips, whatever. Feel the gun, the needle. Watch as you transform your face to conform to your fashion.

Go on!
Take your drugs, drink your alcohol, smoke your weed, Pretend not to hear your body scream as the toxins rush around and do their work.

Scar and wound and pollute your body in all these acceptable ways my dear… BUT never NEVER tell me that what I do is wrong. As you adorn yours with studs and rings and silver and gold

As YOU destroy your body.

Let me destroy mine, let me adorn my arms with bracelets of scarlet.

Never look down your nose at me.
Underneath it all we are one and the same.


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