Copyright Josh

I stand here with no where to go or turn
Backed into a corner with no strength left to fight
Four walls caving in and no where to run
My tears are blurred and I no longer have sight
I’m shaking and shivering, soaked with tears
I can’t hide, I’m found! My screams go uncried
Prey upon me, rip my heart and play my fears
Shelter said given, yet given and lied
Blood from my arm, clawing death nails in harm
I can’t save myself from self-impending doom
Silent screams open wounds bleed from my arm
Trapped inside a soft pillow caged room
My cries and screams gasp for one last breath
I cry from pain and wish for dying death

This is the End

Copyright Josh

so this is the end
who is really my friend
do that really care or just pretend to be there
from night and day to day and night me and death are at a fight
but we are ending are fight
death will win
for i can feel it poling me in
i screem for help am i see me flesh burn
i cry as i see every friend turn


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