Blue Tears

Copyright, Jacqui

There are times when I
Just sit and cry
When I’m in pain
Tears fall like rain
I wont speak a word
For the fear of not being heard
Instead I try to run and hide
But really I need you by my side
I try so hard it wears me down
And I come crashing to the ground
Just pick me up and hold me tight
I promise you I won’t fight
Don’t hate me because I cannot be
As happy as our memories
I don’t feel to good today
I just want it all to go away


Copyright, Jacqui

I feel dead inside
There’s no-where to hide,
Amongst the pain,
I never want to live again,
I want to fade away,
Don’t want to be me today,
My eyes burn with tears,
Surrendering my fears,
There’s a lump in my throat,
All I feel is hurt,
I bite back the tears,
Wearing smiles for years,
There’s a pain in my heart,
My soul is torn apart,
There’s a weight on my mind,
Searching for answers I cannot find.


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