Copyright, Jewess

Watch the tears run down my face
please dont take notice
Watch the blood run down my arms
but please dont take notice.

Only see what you want,
the happy little girl in the pretty pink dress
lace on her socks.

You ignore the Ugliness
that really is this child.

The Cries, The Shame, The Stains
on the otherwise unblemished Family Tree.

She is not one of you
C’est Impossible
She is too dangerous,
to close,
to the cracks on the floor.

You only see the act,
the show she must put on,
every day for the rest of her life,
for the rest of the world,

No1 can know, it musnt get
out, that
this family



Copyright, Jewess

scars on my wrist
look at them,raw,red
proof of my unwavering happiness


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