Key to the Cage

Copyright J.P.S.

I’m trapped in this cage of skin,
theres no way to get out.

I’m trapped in this hole of skin,
my mind filled with doubt.

Im trapped in these chains of skin,
of which I cannot break.

Im trapped in this noose of skin,
the truth I cannot fake.

Im trapped in this web of skin,
running to escape my life.

Im trapped in this hell of skin,
the key to freedom is my knife.


Copyright J.P.S.

Help me please,
I’m afraid,
I didn’t mean to go so deep,
I thought it was cool to have those scars,
Through my sleeves my blood does seep.

You’re to Blame

Copyright J.P.S.

I carved your name on my arm today,
to remind me of your face,
no pain did I feel,
you got me addicted in the first place.

Painful Truth

Copyright J.P.S.

There is no way out,
I cannot re-write my life,
I cannot change what I have done,
My peace of mind is this knife.


Copyright J.P.S.

Theres a war in Iraq,
The Twin Towers are have gone down,
What hope is there for us,
Mother Earth holds a frown.

Industrial pollution,
Men obsessed by greed,
Starvation of children,
Having more than what we need.

Theres a mad man in the house,
An idle on the throne,
Terrorism everywhere,
Criminals in your home.

The medias in control,
Your a puppet on a string,
Nuclear bombs exist,
An we are doing nothing.

Now do you see the reality?
This poem could go on,
All the imoportant things are here,
My self huritng is not one.


Copyright J.P.S.

Go ahead,
do it,
hurt me,
I am standing steady.

Bruse me,
break me,
I am not afraid,
I have done it to myself already.

My Reasons

Copyright J.P.S.

My scars,
My moles,
My face.

My belly,
My back,
My taste.

My eyes,
My nose,
My complection.

My hopes,
My dreams,
My reflection.


Copyright J.P.S.

Cuts and gashes,
throbbing and strain,
wounds and slashes,
numbness and pain.

Hate and fear,
empty as it seems,
my only time of peace,
is drifting in my dreams.

English Skies

Copyright J.P.S.

In thanks to Emily Bronte (my favorite poet) for inspiration.

Born under English skies,
On English land,
Seen through English eyes,

An English life,
English hate,
English love,
To an English fate,

In English villages,
And English towns,
English smiles,
And english frowns,

English blood,
For English he gave,
A lost English soul,
An English grave.


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