Thanks for Everything

Copyright, Jenn

You say you can tell how I am
When you look into my eyes
Which leaves me in bewilderment
Always left with some surprise

I’ve always wanted a brother
And you were given to me
And now how thankful I am
How excited can a girl be?

And you don’t know how much this means to me
To have someone like you
To make me smile, to make me laugh
To bring me up when I’m feeling blue

And though I go through problems,
Some of the same ones you’ve faced too
I know you’ll always be there
To help me live life through

A tear runs down my tear-streaked face,
And I try and hold it back
But once you see that you quickly help
Quickly you react

I wake up at night, afraid of things
And how much I long to talk
So I pick up the phone and dial your number
But quickly I decide no and stop

I’ve hurt myself over and over
And you knew of this
But through all of these hardships,
You still consider me your little sis

My constant prayers were answered
And I am so thankful for that
But there is just one last thing
That has to happen yet

My big brother you’ll always be
Though sometimes we are apart
You will always be important to me
And live on within my heart

I Cut

Copyright, Jenn

i cut myself and watch it bleed,
to take away the pain,
thats u’ve pushed into my heart,
where it will remain.
it is all ur fault,
that i now want to die,
u broke me down to peices,
with all ur fu**ed up lies.
So if im not alive,
when the sun comes up tomarrow,
ull finally figure it out,
that ur the reason for my pain and my sorrow


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