Death Wishes and Blood Red Kisses

Copyright Juli

I cry crimson tears,
I scream silent calls,
I’m dead inside,
Can you take these pains?
Can you stop these demons?
I didn’t think so,
My road is mine,
I like the way I bleed,
I love the way I scream,
Death wishes mixed with blood red kisses,
You think I’m happy?
Well look at me now!
Do you make you proud?
These words that you tell me,
These answers I sell,
So you won’t lock me up,
In my old 8 by 8 cell,
But in the darkness of night,
Under cover of stars,
I bleed beneath my smile,
And make more silent scars,
Medications don’t phase me,
The nuthut’s a bore,
Just give me a razor,
And ignore me some more,
If only you knew,
How it hurts to bleed,
You have no idea,
Just how much help I need,
A half-empty bottle,
And a bottle of pills,
With a slit of the wrists,
To give me some thrills,
These scars are my saftey,
I wear them with pride,
For nobody knows,
Just what I hide…

World of shadows

Copyright, Juli

world of shadows,
Gift of pain,
Since I’ve been blessed,v Nothing’s been the same
Holding back the tears,
Forcing up a smile,
Like I’ve been doing for a while,
Waiting for my saviour,
Waiting for a sign,
So that I may leave my pain behind,
Screaming to see my blood,
My pain so far from done,
The drops of blood are my survival,
My way through this earth,
I hate having to do this,
But I need to end my hurt,
Hoping that it will all end soon,
That it won’t hurt too much,
I just want all my tears to stop,
I guess that’s just too much,
Trying to stop but I know I’ll just fail,
I’ve gone through too much loss,
Too much fucking betrayl,
I scare myself with thoughts of death,
And self inflicted harm,
Wishing someone would give a damn,
Hoping someone sees beyond the mask,
I need this hurt to pass,
Trying so hard to be happy,
But all i have it sadness,
Hoping all my hurt will end,
This is my one true wish,
I need to be alone,
I need to be okay,
I need to make it through this,
Or maybe I’ll just fade away…


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