How I Cut

Copyright, Jaz

This dark feeling has come over me!
The blade is only what i see.
The pain and hurt bottled inside.
You have seem to lie.
There is One cut here One cut there Will anyone seem to care.
The blood runs down my sorry arms as I seem again to harm.
as I count how far I go… 6, 7, 8, 9
Then I’ll bind my arm again.
The guilt will come to me.
I’ll do it again you’ll see…


Copyright, Jaz

I cut my wrist to see how much it bleeds.
My heart beats faster as I drag the blade acrossed my wrist.
I take one breath in as I know ill do it again.
My body is left on the ground and move.
The blood flows faster out of this cold arm.
My poor family wont have me,My friends pretend they care.
Its to late to go back and I do not feel scared.


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